Guilin Coninst -- With the longest history in the field of electrical contact materials in China         
Guilin Coninst -- The leader of the electrical contact technology of China  
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    Guilin Coninst Electrical & Electronic Material Co., Ltd. ( Guilin Coninst) was formed out of the personnel and assets of the two main branches of Guilin Electrical Equipment Scientific Research Institute(GLESI), Alloy Materials and Insulating Materials and is the only Chinese company manufacturing the whole series of contact materials for low-voltage, medium voltage and high-voltage in China. Guilin Coninst possesses an area of more than 60,000 m2.  There are about 350 employees, of them about 120 technicians.
     Since the year of 1970, due to the fact that the associations of the electrical alloy industry and the insulating material industry of China have their offices on the GLESI premises, Guilin Coninst has always been able to follow the research and development, testing and standardizations of foreign advanced companies and to maintain technical exchange with the foreign counterparts. Guilin Coninst carries out national research projects every year, and has transferred several research achievements into new electrical products in series production. Guilin Coninst has organized all sorts of activities of social responsibility accordingly to the guide of ISO 26000, and has gained management system certifications of GB/T19001 idt ISO9001 for quality management system, GB/T 24001 for environment management system, GB/T 45001 for occupational health safety management system, GB/T 29490 for intellectual property management and QC 080000 for hazardous substance process management system. 

     With four series of products, Ag-based contacts, CuCr vacuum contacts, CuW high-voltage switch contacts and dry-type unsaturated polyester moulding compounds, Guilin Coninst is in the leading position in China. A great part of the products has reached international quality level and has been applied by several internationally well-known device manufacturers. Guilin Coninst enjoys a very good reputation in the domestic market.

Alloy Materials
  Low-voltage contact materials
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  Moulding compounds for electrical engineering
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